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Why Fly to Vegas

Stopwatch, it's just quicker to fly to Vegas.First of all, it’s the fastest way to get there. And depending on where you’re coming from, gas could cost you more than a roundtrip flight. But if you’re still considering the drive, here are a few things to think about.

Statistically, flying is safer than driving. When you’re on the road you have to be alert. Dodging construction barrels, traveling through dicey weather and watching for drunk drivers are all variables when taking the long haul.

Not to mention, vehicle maintenance can always throw a wrench into your plans. It’s really no secret that the perks of flying are worth the expense — that’s why the majority of travelers chose to do it.

Above all, the biggest advantage is convenience. Let the pilots worry about getting you to Vegas while you nap, drink, watch a movie, read or meet new friends. The goal is to relax and enjoy, and flight attendants are paid to make sure you’re comfortable.

Besides, driving will only put wear and tear on your vehicle, and finding a place to park when you get to Vegas might also pose a problem. If something happens to your car on the way there, you could get slapped with a massive maintenance bill — plus, one-way flights home booked at the last minute don’t come cheap.


Taking a bus or train to Las Vegas are other options if you’re looking to let someone else do the work. However, several stops along the way will only tack on time.

Taking a bus or train across the county could take nearly twice the amount of time as a drive in the car and, most likely, tenfold the amount of time it would take in a plane.

So if you want our opinion, the fastest, safest, most economic and relaxing way to get to Las Vegas is to fly.

To get an idea for how much a flight will cost or to check out which flights are most accommodating to your needs, view our airline comparison chart..

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