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The Cheapest Way to Fly to Vegas 

Airplane in airWhen you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas, the most important thing is getting there. And an affordable flight is the best way to do it. When searching for cheap flights on popular search engines like and, it’s no secret that compromising your flight time will always save you hundreds.

With a month’s notice for a round trip, the cheapest time to fly is on a twilight departure flight in the middle of the week and with one stop both ways. Depending on the time change, that could still have you in Vegas only a few hours later.

Leaving and returning on Tuesday with departures between 4-6 p.m. will give you a relatively cheap flight to Las Vegas. Keep in mind, though, a returning flight might have you depart from Vegas late afternoon and return in the middle of the night, so prepare ahead for work on Wednesday morning.


Just going for the weekend? Leaving on a Friday and returning on a Sunday, while ideal, will double the price in comparison to leaving and returning in the middle of the week.

The cheapest way to fly in a weekend getaway is by taking a redeye, which means leaving between 8-10 p.m. Depending on where you’re coming from, it’s possible your flight will get in the next morning. Flexibility is available in roundtrip situations, but you’ll likely have to take a redeye at least one of the ways.

With a stop and for only a few dollars more, though, you could depart late afternoon or take twilight flight.If you need to leave tomorrow, that’s about double what you’d pay for a month’s notice.

The cheapest way to leave immediately is by booking a round trip, departing in the afternoon and returning on a redeye. Whether coming home a week later or the next day, the prices for a last minute flight are about the same.

Taking a red eye or evening flight might get you to the party a little late, but chances are you won’t miss a thing. After all, Vegas doesn’t keep track of time.

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