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Be prepared to have some fun on your way to Sin City

Flight there partyIf you’re traveling to Las Vegas for pleasure, the flight there will most likely be packed with people just like you who are ready to party. Heading to Vegas to attend a convention or for work purposes? If so there’s a chance you could experience some excited and even annoying partygoers on your flight there.

We suggest bringing some earplugs or headphones and a good book to read because unless you’re a pro at blocking out distractions, you won’t be getting any work done on this flight.

It’s not uncommon for people to be loud, jovial, drunk or even dancing in the isles on a flight to Las Vegas. While only some airlines provide food, almost all offer an array of alcoholic beverages. And the party doesn’t seem to be limited to twenty-somethings. People of all ages, nationalities and religions are known to party it up not only in Vegas, but on their way there as well.

The flights departing out of Las Vegas, on the other hand, are a tad quieter. Most passengers are tired, hungover or on the verge of passing out from a late night before. Some people are just simply bummed out about leaving while others haven’t had any sleep their whole trip, are on a bender, and could either fall right to sleep once they take their seat or order a Bloody Mary as soon as the cart hits the isle.

Most carriers won’t allow intoxicated passengers to board a plane, but just like a bar, travelers are welcome to throw back a few to ease flying anxiety or get the party started, at least until it becomes a nuisance to others.

Travelers might want to consider bringing aboard some muchies or a snack. For longer flights, some might even pack a sandwich. Reading material, music or even a portable DVD player could also help make a flight go by a little faster. If you’re one who gets nervous flying, make sure to pack your medicine in a carryon. Flight attendants are not permitted to hand out painkillers or anxiety medication.

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