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Top 10 Reasons to Travel to Vegas

Although there are many, we’ve nailed down the most popular reasons people travel to Las Vegas. And what we’ve found only confirms Las Vegas to be the “Entertainment Capital of the World.” Don’t be surprised if you fit into one of these categories:


1. Gambling
Gambling defines Las Vegas. In fact, the biggest reason people travel to Las Vegas is for the games. Almost every casino in the city is open 24/7 and the ritzy accommodations are designed to keep gamblers there all night long.

2. Bachelor/Bachelorette Party
Las Vegas knows how to throw a party, and the one they’re best at is the one for the bachelor(ette). With more than a dozen strip clubs, sports books, nightclubs galore and beautiful people, this is no doubt the place to bid farewell to singledom.

3. Shopping
From depots, specialty stores and gift shops, Las Vegas has you covered if you forgot something at home. The most diversified shopping in the city can be found at Fashion Show Mall, The Forum and Appian Way Shops at Caesars Palace and Grand Canal Shoppes at Venetian.

4 .Nightlife, Clubs and Bars
Whether you’re looking for a pub, lobby bar, nightclub, afterhours, lounge or ultralounge, Las Vegas has just what you’re looking for. Over the past few years, venue owners have revamped the city’s stereotypical casino clubs into chic, trendy lounges, bars and any variation in between. Not to mention, Las Vegas is home to a 24-hour drinking law and plenty of escort services.

5. Business
Las Vegas has more hotel rooms than any other city of the world, allowing for large room blocks, and is home to the largest convention facility in the United States. While hotel room rates spike during conventions, hundreds of Las Vegas halls and banquet centers can beat the prices of respective competition all over the world.

6. Get married/Renew vows
Las Vegas is notorious for accommodating spontaneous marriage proposals and couples exchanging vows in front of “Elvis.” But the beautiful hotels and banquet centers scattered around the city also provide for the most meticulous of planned weddings. Some couples even come back to Vegas to renew their vows, as unique shows, fine dining and lush hotel rooms make for a quite romantic getaway.

7. New Years Eve
Aside from the obvious — like gambling, boxing matches, good food and possible celebrity run-ins — second to the bachelor(ette) party, Las Vegas can entertain the most memorable of New Years Eve parties. From fine dining and shows to its nightlife and pool parties, one can’t go wrong ringing in the New Year Las Vegas style.

8. Shows
Las Vegas is arguably the entertainment epicenter of the world. Every day there are dozens of shows, celebrity acts, big-name productions and concerts playing at evening and afternoon venues. Cirque du Soleil is known for bringing in travelers from all around the word to see their famous performances in shows like “Love” and “O” only in Las Vegas.

9. Fun in the sun
From May until October, travelers flock to luxurious Las Vegas hotel swimming pools, complete with cabanas and bars, to soak up the desert sun. On any given day, tourists can catch a suntan at one of the hotel’s fabulous pools and party in their swimsuits.

10. Mingle with the Rich & Famous
It’s no secret that celebrities frequent Las Vegas. Whether they’re there to film a movie, perform in an act or to simply gamble and have fun, your chances of catching a glimpse — or even a handshake — are not that slim. The rich and famous are often found in ultralounges, fine restaurants or at the high roller tables.

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